Rural Texans for happy for the most part

There’s big city Texas and small city Texas. New polling shows that while rural Texans are happy with the way things are they have their concerns, too.

Only five percent of those polled by the Texas Tribune said their quality of life was "poor." James Henson with the University of Texas conducted the poll, and said for rural Texans, it's about location, location, location.

“They appreciate where they live. They recognize the problems. But for the most part are very content, and have a clear-eyed view of what it is they like about where they live,” Henson explained.

Things aren't perfect in rural Texas. Fifty-two percent say they'd like better job opportunities.

“Young people, unable to find career opportunities in their hometowns, frequently leave. Underlying this is the anxiety that people leave and they don’t come back,” Henson said.

And when you ask rural Texans about the most important problem facing the state, their responses are no surprise; border security and immigration.

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