GOP voters want action in immigration

The issue of illegal immigration remains top of mind for Republican voters.

According to a new poll from, Rasmussen, almost 52 percent of GOP voters say illegal immigration should be the first issue addressed by Congress and President Trump following the midterms.

“We still don’t have any movement. We have a lot of rhetoric, but we haven’t seen any action,” says political analyst Chris Carmona.

Carmona tells KTRH there is a lot resentment building up, so the sooner something gets done, the better.

“If something it’s passed and it benefits or harms Republicans, at least you have two years now going into 2020 to either recover from that or build a message on that,” Carmona explained.

While 30 percent of all likely voters say immigration should be at the top of the 'to do' list, 66% of people who say they support Trump want that as the first thing to get done next year.

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