Going to Mars

Humans Living on Mars in 2033?!?
By iHeartMedia’s Sally Ad

We've gone to the moon - when will we go to Mars?  The US space agency believes it can put humans on Mars within 25 years.  Space Center Houston’s Scientist in Residence Dr. John Charles, says astronauts will go first and prepare for others.  “NASA is probably going to be sending career astronauts that are well trained and have years of preparation of these long missions with the expectation that they will return and be a part of preparation of future missions.”              

So, when does Dr. Charles think this will happen?  “Planning shows us being able to send astronauts to Mars perhaps in the early 2030s – just over a decade from now.” 

Dr.  Charles, says astronauts must go first. “It’s not going to be NASA that send very many non-astronauts to Mars. NASA will hand that over to the private sector at the right time.”  Why are only astronauts going?  “It’s going to be risky to send non-astronauts because of risks that are involved and the understanding of those risks.” 

Want to learn more? Dr. Charles invites you!  
“Come visit us at Space Center Houston. We talk about this stuff all the time!”


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