Find out if you can you pass the FBI's Physical Fitness Test

If the holiday eating has you looking for a new workout, try using the recently launched FBI’s Physical Fitness Test (PFT) mobile app. It allows aspiring special agents and fitness enthusiasts to learn the benchmarks of the official FBI Physical Fitness Test. The app runs users through the same exercises that special agent candidates must pass and includes tips on form, including video instruction for some exercises. The required exercises for the FBI Physical Fitness Test for agents are sit-ups, push-ups, a 300-meter sprint, and a 1.5-mile run.

“It’s a lifestyle event, so you have to work out at least three or four times a week. As the applicant recruiter, I see most people have trouble with is the mile and a half run because it’s an endurance type of event,” said Special Agent and Applicant Recruiter David Baker.

He said the physical aspect is so they can protect themselves and others.

“Your service to the people, you’re upholding the Constitution and you’re in a unique opportunity so you can make a difference not only out in the community, but in this country,” said Baker. “We are sworn law enforcement officers…and as such, we are charged with protecting the American public.”

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