POLL: Should Facebook Add Monthly Fee?

There'stalk again of Facebook possibly charging a user fee as it continues to right the ship amid the Russian hacking investigation.

Facebook relies heavily on user data which is sold to advertisers.  Adding a monthly fee could reduce the pool of users who have accepted the social media giant for what it is.

“It's kind of become second nature to see advertising and seeing it in your private messaging feed as well, so that's where Facebook is going to continue to focus to make their revenue,” says Anh Nguyen, founder of Amplified Marketing.

Facebook users already have shown they're more bark than bite after many threatened to delete their accounts due to privacy concerns.

“I don't believe the numbers of people they lose are even going to make that big of a difference for Facebook or any other social media platform,” says Nguyen.

Others argue Facebook should operate more like Netflix or Amazon.  Or at least spin Instagram to shield it from ongoing criticism.

“If they went to a fee-based platform, I think they would lose individual users,” says Nguyen.  “That's where they make their bread from having this database or this audience and community to sell to advertisers.”

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