A study says the U.S. is not ready for war with China or Russia

The bi-partisan study, ordered by Congress, claims the Trump administration isn't moving fast enough to counter the threat.

National defense analyst Dr. Rebecca Grant told Fox News there's some truth to the study.

"We still have a technical edge but the build-up of China and Russia's forces, and their aggressive actions around the globe, have made it much harder for us to keep our superiority."

Dr. Grant says we may not be taking seriously the threat of cyber warfare from China. She's worried in particular about the amount of electronic items we import from China and the possibility they're being used to spy on us.

Dr. Grant says there are a number of trends about which she's concerned.

"One is our ongoing problem with readiness, particularly aviation readiness; and we are just now turning to make some of the long-term investments that we need to protect everything from our nuclear command and control down to how we use our Marine amphibious ready groups."

Dr. Grant says we may not be taking the Chinese or the Russian threat seriously enough. The study criticizes the Trump administration's national defense strategy.

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