Acevedo: Gang War On Southside Of Houston

(Houston, TX)  --  Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo believes there's a gang war happening on the southside.  The chief did not disclose which gangs were involved in the conflict, but noted there are 20-thousand documented gang members in the city.  

Acevedo says innocent lives are being threatened by the violence and wants it to stop.  He's also hoping the community will call police if they have any information.

Most recently, a double drive-by shooting in Houston is being blamed on gang violence.  Two men were shot in the leg last night at a gas station on Cullen and South Loop East Parkway.  Police are looking for a gold Chevy Impala with shiny chrome rims in connection to what happened.  The victims should survive and anyone with information should call police.

As far as a timeline for this activity, this post on social media dates back to 2011.

This post from 2016 indicates law enforcement had to at one point, step in. More.

Just 2 months ago, Chief Acevedo and the Mayor of Houston, held this press conference about MS-13 gang member arrests made in Houston. 

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