This year, people are taking a break from social media

The Pew Research Center finds that 68 percent of Americans have either quit or taken a break from social media this year.

Instagram moved to an algorithmic feed in 2016 and has been losing users, as well as Facebook.

Attica Media CEO Kami Huyse said, unsurprisingly, the barrage of different points of views has people taking a break from social media.

She said people told her they were taking a break from social media during the election cycle because their friends and families might not think the same way they do.

“As these things heat up and people start to speak out their minds, people don’t realize their friends and family have the points of view that they do, because those people, they’re not out on the town square,” said Huyse.

She said friends, family and followers want to avoid conflict.

“It has been especially ugly and especially fraught with tension, and people like to avoid that kind of tension,” said Huyse.

She said for the next couple of years, people will be coming on and off different social media platforms, which is healthy if they’re trying to regain control from social media overtaking their lives.

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