Illegals Stream Into Texas As Caravan Reaches California

While the first wave of migrants from the Central American caravan are climbing fences along the Tijuana border, scores of illegal aliens continue to pour across the Texas border.

Much of the attention has been on that caravan from Honduras, but officials along the Texas-Mexico border say its business as usual in the Rio Grande Valley.

“You look at the apprehensions in the Rio Grande Valley, our agents out there are apprehending anywhere from 600 to 800 illegal aliens a day,” says Border Patrol's Hector Garza.  “And those are just apprehensions, that's not counting the people who have actually gotten away.”

“Even if this caravan is not coming to Texas, we're being swamped,” he says.  “We're being swamped on the border in Texas, Arizona and as well as California.”

Garza says current law means his agents are forced to process them all.

“They will be arrested, detained, prosecuted or deported.”

U.S.troops sent to the border are playing a supportive role, mainly putting up wire fencing and temporary detention facilities.

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