Hispanic Vote Could Turn Texas Blue in 2020

Latino enthusiasm, if they can keep it up, combined with population growth is likely to make Texas an even more competitive state in 2020.  That's why conservative Hispanics are urging Republicans to follow the path of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush on immigration.

“The Hispanic community, especially that of Mexican heritage, is very conservative,” says Artemio Muniz with the Texas Federation of Hispanic Republicans.  “They just want the Republican Party to respect immigrants, especially illegal immigrants.  We've got to find a reasonable solution that is fair and stop demonizing them.”

Muniz says you don't have to look much farther than Houston-Harris County.

“Look at the population, look how the city has boomed,” he says.  “We have to respect immigrants and craft a good solution.  I think the Hispanic population will say wait a minute, if the Republican Party is actually solving this issue, maybe I can vote for them.”

Muniz says Texas is in danger of following California, in losing Hispanic voters altogether without immigration reform.

“When people like President Donald Trump want to do something, or proposes something, the entire Republican Party and the grassroots need to step up and support a solution,” he says.  “If not, if we keep playing with the lives of immigrants, the Hispanic community will keep turning on us.”

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