Billing is electric customers most common complaint

Texas Coalition for Affordable Power officials have seen an uptick in complaints against the Public Utility Commission this last fiscal year.

In order to keep the retail electricity market to work in competition, TCAP publishes a yearly report to find out what consumers like or have complaints about.

Fiscal year 2018, nearly 44 percent of electricity consumers had billing complaints.

Policy analyst R.A. Dyer said they're not sure if it's an anomaly or indication that something else is going on in the market/industry.

"Billing complaints or you know, those that are concerned with fees or lack of billing, or maybe they have a question about their deposit or their refunds on their bills or some sort of rate or charge that they're concerned about," said Dyer.

He said complaints are lower than complaints from 2008-2009 and immediately following electric deregulation in 2003.

"A lot of the kinks that we saw early on have been worked out. However, in the last year or so, we did see an uptick, which is a little bit concerning," said Dyer.

He said other complaints were for slamming—getting a deal they didn't want, or cramming—finding a charge they don't recognize, or meters not working.

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