Trump economy continues to roll

The good economic news has been a constant during the Trump Administration, and the best example of what is what we have seen with small business optimism.

We have a record level of optimism among small businesses, and firms trying to fill jobs is at a 45-year high. This all happened as Republicans controlled the White House, Senate and House of Representatives. Will that change next year when the Democrats take over the House?

“I don’t expect that. The House can’t do anything by itself that can affect the economy,” Texas economist Ray Perryman said.

Perryman tells KTRH that if businesses do get concerned about the future under House Democratic leadership, the President can take steps to counter that, and those steps have to do with our issues with China.

“Trying to work with China would be a very positive thing,” Perryman said, adding that it would help if the President backed off on some of the rhetoric he has used.

This year's optimism level for small businesses has ranked from 104 to 108 and in October was 107.4.

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