POLL: Drug-Resistant Salmonella Turkey Strain Persists; Switching Dishes?

The CDC is still trying to find the source of a drug-resistant salmonella strain in raw turkey.  Minnesota has experienced the most cases of any U.S. state with 17 people sickened.  

One death has been reported in California.  Experts say proper handling and cooking of a turkey to 165 degrees Fahrenheit will make the bird safe to eat.

Now, the salmonella outbreak linked to raw turkey products is expanding.  The CDC says one person has died and 164 people have gotten sick.  The outbreak includes ground turkey and turkey products, as well as some raw turkey pet food and live turkeys.  

Ahead of Thanksgiving, the CDC recommends thawing your turkey in the fridge and not on your kitchen counter, making sure you wash your hands before handling in, and cooking it at the right temperature, to avoid a possible contamination.

Will you switch dishes? Tell us in the poll question below!

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