TAMU fraternity suspended for violating hazing and alcohol rules

COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Texas A&M fraternity Phi Gamma Delta suspended for violating alcohol and hazing rules in connection with death of Joseph Little, an 18-year-old freshman from Houston.

Little, had just been accepted into Phi Gamma Delta, died on August 28, as the school year was beginning. Little, a graduate from Houston's St. Thomas High School,  had collapsed from a seizure at an off-campus housing complex two days before he died.

Texas A&M conducted an investigation into the fraternity and determined the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity was responsible for violating student rules related to hazing, alcohol, university policies and standard administrative policies. The organization’s recognition status recently was suspended and they will be unable to apply for recognition again until January 2022. Phi Gamma Delta has filed an appeal, but it is not known when a final ruling will be made.

A criminal investigation is ongoing.

Texas A&M provides a list of resources to report suspected hazing or to receive support as a victim of hazing, at studentlife.tamu.edu/sco/stophazing. The website also features definitions of hazing activities and the university's rules.

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