POLL: Several Gun Control Measures on Tap for House Dems

Democrats are finally breaking their silence on what their real intentions are, after keeping tight-lipped on guns in the months leading up to the midterms.

“There is going to be legislation to perhaps outlaw 15 to 20 million semi-automatic rifles and the magazines for those rifles,” says Michael Hammond, legislative counsel for Gun Owners of America.

Hammond also warns of universal background checks and "red flag"laws, but insists none of it is going anywhere.

“The House is going to do its showboat routine, but I think it will have difficulty getting 60 senators to agree to its anti-gun agenda.”

Despite flipping several pro-gun districts, Hammond says that doesn't mean those voters will turn over their weapons.

“Fewer than 30,000 votes in 13 districts would have delivered the control of the House to the Republicans,” he says.  “So you're not talking about a massive wave, you're talking about 100th of one percent.”

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