Poll: Democrats don’t think highly of Republicans

A new poll will tell you exactly what Democrats think of you if you are a Republican. And it’s pretty much what you expect it to be.

The poll was done by Axios, and it says that 61% of Democrats say Republicans are “racist, bigoted and sexist.” Republican strategist Camara Clifton tells KTRH this should not shock you in the least.

“The propaganda machine to make Republicans and conservatives look bad is 24-7. It never ends,” she said.

And what Democrats see and hear is what they believe. Even though history tells us the Democrats did not always look at minorities the way they do now.

“I had a conversation with a Democrats and I told him that if it weren’t for Republicans the slaves would never have been free,” Clifton explained, adding that her friend got angry at her for saying that, even though she was pointing out facts.

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