Helicopter parents can’t cut the umbilical cord from adult children

Extreme helicopter parents now want a part of their adult children's lives—at work.

Friday is Bring Your Parents To Work Day.

Culture Consulting Associates president and founder Joshua M. Evans said helicopter parenting has taken the form of professional voyeurism.

"Wanting your parents to visit you at work, is tantamount to a meet the teacher night. Do you need that approval in the workplace, as well? It really speaks to the sophomoric nature of today's employees," said Evans.

He said knowing what's happening with their adult children's family and home isn't enough for some aging parents.

"Slowly they've moved to this place where now they need to what's going on for the 40 hours you're working for somebody else," said Evans.

Bring Your Parents to Work Day first caught on among advertising and tech companies because parents didn’t really understand those industries.

The Society for Human Resource Management finds now about one percent of U.S. employers have such days.

LinkedIn is hosting activities for parents tomorrow.

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