Hearing Could Make Clinton Email Depositions Public

A hearing in federal court Wednesday could determine whether Hillary Clinton's videotaped depositions during her email scandal will be made public.

“We think Hillary Clinton needs to answer three questions to fully complete the record and we want to make sure that the public, for history's perspective, has access to these video recordings,” says Michael Bekesha, attorney for Judicial Watch.

The Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch making two other requests as well.

“Whether or not the court will order Hillary Clinton to answer interrogatories that she refused to answer, and whether or not the State Department IT official will be ordered to answer deposition questions.”

Bekesha says it comes down to transparency in government, regardless of when it happened.

“Everybody,regardless of political affiliation, really cared about this because it seemed to be part of a pattern in practice of the prior Clinton administration and then Secretary Clinton.”

Just days ago we learned former FBI chief James Comey discussed sensitive information through his Gmail account.

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