Dem agenda appears to be investigation

It appears as if Democrats would rather investigate the President than legislate to make things better for you once they take control of the House of Representatives in January.

If you add it up, Democrats in Congress have no less than 85 things they want to investigate President Trump for. Republican strategist Jessica Colon says this is exactly what she thought would happen.

“This is what we were to expect from a Democrat-led House of Representatives,” Colon stated.

So don't expect a lot of legislating between now and 2020.

“The objective is investigate Trump ad nauseum and put taxpayers through hell with it,” Colon said.

But Matt Angle with the Lone Star Project says this is what is needed after two years of the Trump Administration.

“Democrats are going to do their job and provide oversight over the Administration,” Angle told KTRH.

But Colon if they don't pass laws that help your bottom line, they will lose control of the House again in 2020.

“This is a perfect scenario for Republicans in 2020,” Colon explained. Democrats are going to get nothing done. They are making it deeply personal.”

hannity boomerang on democrats

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