Trial Starting in Fast and Furious Murder of Border Agent

A jury trial is scheduled to begin this week in the murder of a U.S. Border Patrol agent, a case which exposed the government's "Operation Fast and Furious" gunwalking program.

Agent Brian Terry was gunned down nearly eight years ago along the Arizona border.  As of Monday, a quick Internet search revealed little about the trial.

“It's a tragedy for the Terry family who is going through this and they look around and it's like the nation don't care,” says Curtis Collier at U.S. Border Watch.  “The nation cares.  The media don't care.”

Just like the waning coverage of the migrant caravan, Collier says the media would rather focus on anything else but the border.

“At the same time when President Donald Trump is raving about border control, they certainly would not want to talk about a murder trial of a United States border patrol agent with a weapon the government put in the hand of the drug cartel, that's exactly why there's a blackout on it,” he says.

Only about 700 of the 2,000 firearms were ever recovered.

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