Stop the Robo Calls!

Robo Calls – an American Epidemic!
By iHeartMedia’s Sally Adams

They have become an American Epidemic - and growing every day!  Alex Quilici of “Youmail” says three groups are working hard to obliterate these calls. First is the U S Government and second is your cell phone company. “Carriers (Like T-Mobil) are trying to move toward ‘authenticated ID’ which puts a check mark by the incoming number on your phone to show you the number has been verified as an actual phone number. And third are 3rd party apps like ‘Youmail’ that are trying to actually block calls once they hit your cell phone.”

Quilici says you can add to the fight.

  • Don’t answer a call from any number you don't recognize. If it's important - you'll have voice mail.  
  • Get a robo calling app installed on your phone.
  • Do your own investigating. If you get a call from your credit card company saying to call them back and it’s important --- make sure that’s a valid number!
she got a robo call

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