Big Tech bias gets more blatant

If you think big tech is trying to hide their bias, you’d be wrong. And this latest example is more blatant than you could imagine.

According to Google, Republican women are 'enablers.' That's what people discovered when they searched for the National Federation of Republican Women. Michael Johns co-founded the National Tea Party movement and says this is no big shock.

“They have demonstrated that they maintain an almost intolerable position towards conservative viewpoints,” Johns said.

We've told you about coming regulation for social media in the past. But now that Democrat have won back the House of Representatives that regulation might not be so quick to come.

“Democrats have shown since the beginning of the technology revolution in the 1990’s that they walk hand in hand with the big tech companies in this country,” Johns explained, adding that since Democrats will have the majority in the House, they are unlikely to sign off on regulating an industry that champions their cause.

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