You May Lower You Chances of a Heart Attack in the Future!

You May Lower You Chances of a Heart Attack in the Future!
By iHeartMedia’s Sally Adams

There are new medical guidelines about your chances of a heart attack and stroke. New cholesterol guidelines were announced Saturday during the American Heart Association's Annual Scientific Conference.

Dr. Salim Virani of Baylor College of Medicine, one of the writers of the news guidelines, comments, “This is really a large Guideline that affects a lot of patients.”

He says they support three major ideas:

  • Cholesterol is important.
  • Heart healthy diet remains the cornerstone of prevention of heart attacks and strokes.
  • Everyone should know the amount of risk they carry to have a heart attack or stroke.

Your medical professional, whether an MD, PA or Nurse Practioner, will talk to you about your risk level.  “There are tools available now that will actually tell you what your 10 year risk is,” says Dr. Virani.

There is great hope in the cardiology world that the new guidelines will save many from heart attack and stroke.   Your clinician will prescribe lifestyle and maybe medication specifically for you and keep you healthier longer. 

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