Farm Bill, Border Wall Ahead for Lame Duck Congress

The GOP's lame duck Congress gets back to work this week with several large spending bills still on the table.

With an $867 billion farm bill and others still unfinished, there's bound to be fresh debates on everything from possible amnesty to the border wall.  Then there are all the attachments to those bills.

“They could vote for anything and there's no accountability, so taxpayers need to look out for that, whether it's earmarks or just big, massive spending bills,” says David Williams, president of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance.

Williams says we're getting close to Thanksgiving and Christmas when few people will be watching what's going on in Congress.

There could be tens of billions of dollars for a border wall, there could be zero dollars for a border wall,” he says.  “Whether we like it or not, who won and who lost, this is a new Congress coming in January and they're the ones who should be deciding the budget and these bigger policy issues.”

There are also 56 nominees for 135 federal judicial spots still out there.

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