The Average Person Will Drop $520 on Black Friday; What They're Spending On

The Black Friday ads are all starting to leak online, and apparently, they're making everyone get their credit cards ready.

According to a new survey, the average American who shops on Black Friday will spend $520.  And we'll shop at an average of three different stores or websites.

The survey also found the 10 things people are most excited about buying on Black Friday.  They are . . .

1.  Clothes, 53%.

2.  A laptop, 47%.

3.  A TV, 37%.

4.  Jewelry, 26%.

5.  Toys, 26%.

6.  An iPhone, 25%.

7.  Video games, 25%.

8.  Smart home products, like an Amazon Echo, 24%.

9.  Kitchen products, like Instant Pots, 24%.

10.  An iPad, 18%. 

(SWNS Digital)

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