Mueller may make move with Midterms over

With the elections now behind us, it does look like you’re going to hear more about the Mueller investigation. That is especially the case now that Jeff Sessions has been forced out as Attorney General, and with the Democrats poised to take control of the House of Representatives in January.

But there are interesting questions being asked. For instance if Mueller had anything wouldn't it have come out before the midterms?? Would that not have been the October surprise? Jared Woodfill with the Conservative Republicans of Texas says of course it would have leaked.

“Mueller has had close to two years now, and not one piece of evidence has pointed the finger at collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians,” Woodfill explained.

And in almost two years, all of this has cost you millions of dollars.

“It’s already at 16-plus million, and they are looking at tens of millions of more dollars simply to pursue a Democratic inspired witch hunt,” Woodfill said, adding that if Mueller hasn't found anything concrete yet, the investigation should come to an end.

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