Media treatment of Trump could get worse

If you think a mainstream media that has treated President Donald Trump badly for more than three years couldn’t get any worse, you might be very wrong.

That's because there is still two years to go until the 2020 election. Texas Republican strategist Brendan Steinhauser tells KTRH if the gloves aren't off now, they will be.

“Given the stakes the media will ramp it up and they will see themselves as more of an opposition party to the President,” Steinhauser explained.

In other words, the President and Republicans will be campaigning against not only their Democrat opponents, but by an industry that's lined up against them, too.

“The media does tip the scales for the Democrats through the stories that they cover, the stories that they don’t cover, and by the way they talk about issues,” Steinhauser said.

For instance if the booming economy had happened under President Obama, the mainstream media would have been talking about that constantly, as opposed to largely ignoring what has happened under the Trump Administration.

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