Are You tired of Celebrity political endorsements?

We can tell 'em to "shut up and sing" but they won't, especially not on social media. Democrats endorsed by pop stars like Beyoncé lost Tuesday, but experts expect more of the same from entertainment figures for 2020.

Pop culture expert Bob Thompson says celebrity political endorsements go all the way back to George Washington.

"Abraham Lincoln used to hang out with, who was that great circus clown? Dan Rice I think was his name."

Professor Thompson says what's changed is celebrities no longer need help from the traditional media to campaign.

"Now, so much of the political thoughts and activities of celebrities don't need the microphones of the news to be gotten across."

Pop tarts like Katy Perry do much of their work for the DNC on platforms like Instagram.

Oprah Winfrey, who's not from Georgia, made a high profile speech in support of the democrat running for governor there -- and she lost Tuesday. Professor Thompson says that can hurt a celebrity's "brand."  

"When a celebrity endorses a candidate, if they have fans on both sides of the aisle I think that can be the case. I think that's why Oprah has been very careful."

Houston's Beyoncé posted pictures of herself on Instagram wearing Beto O'Rourke campaign gear just before the election. Taylor Swift endorsed the democrat in a Tennessee Congressional race.

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