POLL: You won’t get a break from politics

So, the midterms are over, and you think the campaign ads are, too. But guess what? You’re wrong.


We are still in campaign mode. In fact, candidates for 2020 are already making their presence felt in early primary states like Iowa and New Hampshire, according to Rice's Mark Jones.

“The Democratic field is pretty wide open. It’s a situation that almost anyone has the potential to become the nominee,” Jones explained.

That's a field that could include Beto O'Rourke, who just lost a close Senate race to Ted Cruz. Corbin Casteel spent twenty years as a political strategist. Now he's now a lobbyist, but he tells us why we are now in a mode of constant campaigning.

“It’s not just the news cycle that’s competitive. There’s competition for the eyeballs and the ears,” Casteel explained.

So expect to see these candidates out there now, out there often, and doing everything they can to keep their names at the top of your mind. That will certainly include more campaign ads.

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