Troops aren't expected to do much about that Caravan Invasion

If they keep walking those Central American caravans are probably still months away from the Texas border. They've split into at least four caravans and they've lost some strength.

Mark Krikorian is director of the Center for Immigration Studies.

"This just a way of getting into the country and hopefully getting their kids to stay here, even if they (the parents) get deported."

Krikorian says all the media handwringing about troops shooting them is ridiculous. He says the President's bravado was intended to scare the caravans.

"The message was intended for them, not for us and it might have succeeded in the sense that something like half the people in the original caravan have now given up."

Krikorian says the troops won't shoot anybody or do much of anything; he says many of them don't even have their weapons.

"How much effort is ICE going to put into tracking down somebody who was released two years before, never bothered to show up for an asylum hearing, but hasn't killed anybody? Are they even going to know where that person is?

Krikorian says most of the Central Americans won't get asylum because they refused it in Mexico. But he says they'll just ignore court orders and stay in the U.S. and hope to gain legal status so they can begin importing relatives.

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