Texas Stands to Lose Funding Under New U.S. House

Now that Democrats control the U.S. House, Texas loses much of its legislative clout in Washington.

Longtime members John Culberson and Pete Session were voted out, while Ted Poe and others retired.  That gives Texas a lack of seniority when the newbies are sworn-in.

“Being able to bring home the bacon and make deals for Texas is going to be lessened when there's not as much power from the members who are there,” says Dr.Brandon Rottinghaus, political science professor at the University of Houston.

Based on seniority, Dallas Democrat Eddie Bernice Johnson would likely be the only committee chair from Texas to lead the Science, Space and Technology Committee.  Others would in line to head a subcommittee.

“I think it could be a pretty significant chunk of money that Texas leaves on the table, in part because it's really project-based, so as specific projects get put in other jurisdictions it may be that Texas loses many of them.”

Rottinghaus says that's where it helps to have a governor in the same party as the president.

Gov.Greg Abbott can be a deal maker when it comes to getting certain specific projects to the state, and his status as one of the more popular governors will definitely cement that.”

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