New football league holds tryouts at Rice

If you’ve ever dreamed of playing pro football; if you were a star player in college; if you played some college ball; your dreams may not necessarily be dead.

The American Patriot League, which starts up next spring, will hold tryouts this weekend at Rice Stadium. Marques Ogden, who played in the NFL, is the APL’s Managing Director and talked to KTRH about the kind of people he’s looking for.

“We are looking for players that may have gone to the NFL and didn’t work out, or guys that played some college that didn’t get a shot at an NFL camp,” Ogden explained.

Ogden says if you’re up for it, get ready to work hard.

“We want guys that really want to pursue football at a high level and put in the blood, sweat, and tears to get the end result,” Ogden stated.

Tryouts are tomorrow from 10am until 4pm, and on Sunday from 9am-1pm. The tryouts are open to the public to watch. Ogden tells KTRH the city of Houston is in the running to get a team in the APL.

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