God’s Garage Gives Away Free Cars

Their loved ones are deployed in uniform in the service of the country, and these women are struggling without cars.

God’s Garage in Conroe aims to change that. 

Saturday at noon (12-2 pm) the 35-hundred square foot facility at 12340 FM 2854 in Conroe is going to surprise more than twenty single mothers, widows and wives of deployed military personnel with lovingly repaired cars.

Yes, they’re going to give away more than 20 free cars, but don’t tell anyone. It’s a surprise, and you’re invited to the surprise party.

“We’re going to give over 20 vehicles away that day, live, and surprise these ladies who are on our waiting list, but they think they’re just coming to meet some of the mechanics and volunteers,” says Pastor Chris PC Williams, the president and founder of God’s Charity.

“These are ladies who have been begging and borrowing rides, have used up all their relationships trying to get places, to the store, to the doctor, to pick up their kids. All the things we take for granted,” says Williams.

They are going to change someone’s life.  Many people. And they hope to do more. You can contribute this Veterans Day Weekend, but be forewarned.  You might need a tissue to keep your eyes dry. 

God Bless America

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