Texas Minutemen want to stop all illegal traffic into US

Some concerns are growing along border towns being inundated by the migrant caravan from Central America as they slowly advance through Mexico to the U.S. border.

For the past several days roughly two dozen Texas Minutemen coalition members have been setting up locations along the Rio Grande Valley border for people to observe the illegal’s activity.

Texas Minutemen president Shannon McGauley said they left just after Friday midnight. Normally, they have six months to plan a mission. This time, he said they had seven days.

"We got them--anybody that illegally passes into the country--bleeding us for about $130 billion a year. Just think what we could do with that money here," said McGauley.

He said despite the national mainstream media falsely reporting that landowners aren't welcoming them, they’ll be set up on private and public land and watch from a distance.

"One guy near Laredo, that owns 825,000 acres and he's asking for militia to protect his property. I just had another one, he wants somebody there helping him," said McGauley.

They’ll provide more testimonials and video the interactions.

He called it a three tiered platform. The first defenders are Border Patrol agents, supported by the U.S. troops, and then the Minutemen.

McGauley said there are coalition members in California and Arizona. Very few problems with border crossing in New Mexico have been reported.

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