Impulse Buys Are Instant Gratification

We may know exactly what we went to the store to get, but that doesn’t mean that’s what we’re coming home with.  We get caught up in whims.

More than one-third of us have made an impulse by in the past month, according to a survey by

Analyst Ted Rossman says it all comes down to the joy of instant gratification.

And, of course, we’re shopping more online these days, but we’re still impulse buying.  “If you zoom out even more, over the past year 57% of us have bought something impulsively online,” says Rossman.

“We found that Gen-Xers are making the most impulse purchases; about two-thirds have done it in the past year,” Rossman tells KTRH News.  “That’s closely followed by Millennials, those 18 to 34 year olds.”

Fox Business recently reported that you can expect to dish out around $300,000 in impulse spending during your adulthood.

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