How many years to become a millionaire in each state

Researching experts determined how many years it would take to become a millionaire by investing the surplus income of what’s left over after the median household income and average cost-of-living data into a long-term portfolio drawing 5.5 percent interest.

In Maryland, it’s doable in 28 years because it has the highest median income ($78,945) in the nation.

Don’t bother in West Virginia—it would take about 110 years thanks to a low median income of $43,385. It would take Texans 50 years.

The Profit Experts CEO Fred Parrish said the cost of living in Texas is relatively pretty low compared to other states. The rural areas pull the median income down.

"To get to a million dollars, over 40 years, you would have to save every single month, for 40 years, just over $375," said Parrish.

That’s with average stock market returns of seven percent.

Parrish said most people think it's easier to do then it is and it's really all about discipline, not only in saving money, but living a more frugal life and having a certain mindset.

"It is a very discipline lifestyle--$375 every month for 40 years," said Parrish.

He said most people don't start saving until much later than they should. And, it’s never too late. People need to do something even saving $10 a month and increase as you can.

To see how each state rated, click here.

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