Stock Market and the Mid-Term Election

The Bumpy Market’s Reaction to the Election
By iHeartMedia’s Sally Adams

How will the stock market react to today’s mid-term election?  Troy Sharpe of Oak Harvest Financial Group says the market doesn't like uncertainty - so you should see a rally tomorrow.  

“Historically, the market tends to rally after the mid-term elections. The reason why is we have clarity now. So, no matter who wins and which party keeps or takes the power of the House and Senate --- the matter is settled and the uncertainty has vanished.”

He went on to explain what happens if the Democrats resume power of the House and Senate.  

“We could see a pause in the growth that we have seen with this administration – and there could be some uncertainty there.  If Republicans win the House, that could bode very well for the economy --- but it could be a little bit of trouble for the stock market because increased growth means higher interest rates.”

So --- you just enjoy the rally for the next few months, and we’ll all see what happens later.<PSI_END_OBJECT>

Stock Market

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