After decades of political reporting, and consistently urging people to exercise their rights…even duties…as Texans and Americans to VOTE!.. I’m being swayed by a piece I’ve just read online. It’s titled 12 Ways to Know If You Shouldn’t Vote Today…by Georgi Boorman.

Let me give you some points:

1. Do you get all or most of your news from late-night comedians?

4. Do your habits show you’d rather play Candy Crush than read a news article?

6. Are you primarily motivated by rage?

12. If you were to vote, would you just vote for whomever some celebrity endorses, without further research.

Then don’t vote. It’s irresponsible. As the author notes, the Second Amendment protects your right to own guns, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are responsible enough to use that right properly. Just a thought on election day.

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