PODCAST: Cruz makes final case to KTRH’s Berry

As Texans go to the polls today, the big race that everyone is watching is the senate race between incumbent Ted Cruz and challenger Beto O’Rourke. Both made their final cases to voters this morning.

Cruz joined Michael Berry on KTRH and said a vote for him is a vote for continued economic success in Texas.

“People want to defend freedom. We are thrilled for the economic boom we are seeing. Texas is booming. Jobs are booming. We want to keep that going,” Cruz explained.

Cruz has also been rallying throughout the state trying to make sure his base gets out there today.

“It’s all designed to turn people out. Please, if you haven’t voted, come out and vote. We are fighting for the state of Texas,” Cruz stated.

O’Rourke likes his chances as well, taking pride in running a grassroots campaign.

“I feel really good. The largest grassroots campaign in Texas history. All people all the time in every county,” O’Rourke said.

Polling continues to show Cruz in the lead, but in a tight race.

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