Amazon, Robotics and Fewer Seasonal Employees

Amazon, Robotics, and Fewer Seasonal Employees 
by iHeartMedia’s Sally Adams

Amazon is using an increasing amount of robotics in their fulfillment centers which means they are hiring fewer seasonal employees this year.  Ashley Robinson with Amazon says the robotics actually enables them to hire more people company-wide.  “Automation improves productivity. It creates more job opportunities for our people. In our fulfillment centers we offer career training programs.”<PSI_END_OBJECT>

Since last holiday season Amazon has hired 130,000 full time employees - some of whom came from the ranks of part time seasonal employees.  Is robotics playing a larger part in fulfillment centers causing and unemployment problem? Robinson says that's a myth. “There’s more inventory because there’s more space in the facility because the wide aisles that human pickers need are not necessary. More inventory and faster shipping speeds make customers shop more at Amazon and that calls for more employees!” 

Good news...Amazon is hiring in Houston. Robinson comments, “We’re very excited about our facility in Houston --- which we opened in Summer of 2017 – just before Hurricane Harvey!  We had to close for a few days – but all employees were paid their full wages during that time. We’re very excited about our growth in Texas.”

Click here to see<PSI_END_OBJECT> Amazon Houston job availability.

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