Country votes as it hits crossroads

It’s Election Day, and polls across Texas will be open from 7am until 7pm. The stakes could not be higher.

Who will control Congress? Right now Republicans hold majorities in both houses but that could change once all the votes are counted.

It’s a different story for lawmakers in Texas, as Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, and Attorney General Ken Paxton are all expected to win.

The Congressional races may be a bit harder for incumbents like Senator Ted Cruz, Congressman John Culberson and others. Jesse Kelly, who hosts nights on sister station KPRC, says if Democrats win expect gridlock,

“If Trump proposes saving puppies, the Democrats would oppose it. They would have to. That’s the environment we are in now. There will be no legislation if they control the House,” Kelly explained.

And he says Democrats will focus on getting rid of Trump, since nothing has worked up until this point.

“They will make a big show out of attacking him,” he stated.

Houston Democratic strategist Mustafa Tameez hopes that if the left wins they concentrate on governing. He tells KTRH the Trump Administration still has work to do.

“The rest of the country is waiting for health care and hasn’t gotten it. The country is waiting for an infrastructure bill and hasn’t gotten it,” Tameez said.


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