Better Armor calls for better Weapons

The U.S. Army is about to make itself more lethal. If Congress will fund it, the Army will deploy more advanced rifles that shoot larger bullets.

Fox defense specialist Allison Barrie says new tech is needed.

"Our soldiers have increasingly been facing, on the ground, more advanced body armor."

Barrie says the new rifles will make our soldiers even harder to resist.

"When you combine these new bullets with the next generation of weapons that the Army is working on it means our soldiers are going to be able to stop threats that are even farther away with more accuracy."

Barrie says the Squad Automatic Rifle will replace the Squad Automatic Weapon, known as the “SAW.”

"They're going to be resistant to not just rust and scratches but also chemical, biological and nuclear weapons and even electromagnetic pulses and cyber-attacks."

Barrie says the cyber consideration is for proposed electronic weapons that could be hacked.  She says one possible negative to switching bullets is that our NATO allies may not carry them, so supply could be an issue.

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