National Dems Pouring Money into Texas Races

Enthusiasm for Democratic candidates in Texas has lead to record-breaking fundraising in an effort to turn the Lone Star State blue this election.

You can call it the 'Beto Effect,' which has money trickling to down ballot candidates.  But where does it come from?

“He damn sure is not raising all that money from Texans, I can tell you that,” says political consultant Bill Miller of Austin-based HillCo Partners.  “What he says and what it is, two different stories here.  But the money he's raised and spent has come from places far outside of Texas.”

Miller says it shows how far those on the Left and East Coasts will go tomess with Texas.

“The combination of 'we can take over the Senate.  We need to win some races that are out there. Where are some of those races?  Texas is one.  Boy, I'd really like to win in Texas.' And that's how you get it going,” he says.

“Democrats have done a really great job this year of tapping donor bases and committees to come up with these enormous sums of money like they've never had before.”

But Miller says it all could backfire come Election Night.

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