Mainstream Media singing same old tune

The election is tomorrow, which you probably already knew. And you also probably know the mainstream media is singing the same old song when it comes to what they think is going to happen once all the votes are counted. In other words, they are talking about a blue wave to take over the House of Representatives.

Of course, the mainstream media has been acting that way for a long time. Political analyst Chris Begala tells KTRH considering what happened two years ago, the mainstream media should not underestimate the power of President Trump.

“Until he somehow shows that he is going to play along with normal political realities, I am going to say it’s not going to happen,” Begala explained, adding he thinks the Republicans could keep the House and increase their majority in the Senate.

And he says the mainstream media is simply ignoring facts that don't help their cause. You are tired of the anti-Trump bias that's out there.

“They are sick of him getting attacked viciously on a daily basis. Things are going well in this country. That is absolutely a fact,” Begala stated.

As are the poll numbers suggesting you think the media and not Trump is what's causing the divide in our country.

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