VIDEO: Mayor asks for sex in exchange for speed bumps

Lantana, Florida resident Catherine Padilla, a widow since 2015, nicknamed her street "13th Street Raceway" after seeing a poodle, cat, and a girl get hit by cars. She got desperate for a change for improvement so she made a sign that said "SLOW DOWN" then reached out to the city for help to slow traffic. 

She eventually went to media outlets for support until the story of civic activism took a turn.

David Stuart, the mayor since 2000, asked her for sex in exchange for installing the speed bumps. Padilla reportedly rejected his advances. 

According to a release by the Florida Commission on Ethics:

"The Commission found probable cause to believe that Lantana Mayor DAVID STEWART misused his position to attempt to obtain a sexual benefit for himself. Probable cause also was found to believe he solicited sex from a constituent based on an understanding his vote, official action, or judgment would be influenced."

Padilla told a news outlet in her area that Stewart said to her:

"It's not too late, you can still have sex with me and I will guarantee that you get your speed humps that you want.”

In March of this year, Padilla accused Stewart of making inappropriate comments to another city official, in a second complaint


Speed Bump On Road Amidst Trees

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