Some Houston doctors/artisans will raise money lung cancer research

iheartmedia’s Audrey Morton

The Arts of Healing project is the brainchild of Houston gastroenterologist Dr. Issac Raijman, and his wife, Lori. Dr. Raijman is an accomplished painter, with his large and small murals hanging in hotels around the world. Lori is a special education teacher, and realized the healing value of art. Last year, they came up with the idea of organizing physicians who are artists, and showcasing their work to the general public, as well as their respective patients and colleagues. Physicians and their music, or other visual artists (photographers, painters, sculptors and dances) participate at retail locations throughout the River Oaks District shopping area.

This year, the event is taking place on Thursday, November 8 between 6-8 PM, with music and other festivities to follow after the showings, in and around the River Oaks District. Proceeds from ticket sales, a voluntary $25 ticket, as well as corporate sponsorship dollars are going to support lung cancer through the American Lung Association.

Lori said she knew after the first year, she'd want to honor her parents who both died of lung disease.

"The shame they felt walking around. People stare at someone that has oxygen and we treat them in a different way because we can see what's wrong with them, is a little bit unsettling," said Raijman.

Last year, they raised money for the pancreatic cancer foundation.

Lori said physicians who practice the arts helps them in their career and their patients.

"And there is a big push in medicine right now, as far as burnout goes, and even just better medicine, to have physicians that are being trained to take art classes," said Raijman.

KTRH’s Dr. Joe Galati will again participate showcasing his photography and will be located in Kiton.

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