Military ready to be support for border patrol agents

As the migrant caravan gets smaller, it’s still making its way north to the Mexico border and US military are being deployed to meet them there.

The migrant caravan might still be hundreds of miles south of the border in Mexico, but a reported 10 aviation units will deploy to the southern border, and roughly 5,000 troops will be spread along California, Arizona and Texas.

Federation for American Immigration Reform’s Ira Mehlman said the military needs to be prepared for anything to happen and be in place when the illegals arrive.

He said the military cannot do policing within the borders of the US, but can do backup support roles to maximize the border patrol agents manpower.

"They will be doing transportation, other logistical things, possibly construction of temporary facilities," said Melhman.

He said the military cannot apprehending people.

"It's not even clear where the caravan is heading. The last time it was to the Tijuana area, which is just across the border from San Diego," said Melhman.

The Department of Defense said this is a fast moving operation and constantly changing, but declined a recorded interview.

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