Coming home to Mission Control. Youngsters among you won’t remember this but you’ll get a chance to see what excited those of us who were youngsters ourselves, many years ago.

It’s the restoration of the flight control center at NASA, where we watched the technicians sending Americans to the Moon.

The 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon landing is next year, and the Johnson Space Center and Space Center Houston are leading the restoration of Historic Mission Control to the way it was then. The site that “hosted the people who did the impossible” planned, trained and executed human spaceflight missions to the Moon, operated America’s first space station Skylab and controlled every space shuttle and ISS mission”.

Next week, look to the sky over Ellington as NASA”s “Super Guppy” touches down carrying the hardware….the actual consoles of Mission Control…. Where they’ll be greeted by some of the Apollo alumni who led us to the new frontier.

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