PODCAST: Early voting issues lead to security questions

Early voting continues in Texas, but some of those who have voted early claim they had problems with straight ticket ballots changing votes.

The concerns come from Fort Bend County. Sam Taylor with the Texas Secretary of State says it's nothing new.

“They’ve known about this issue. When the issue happens, it is caused by someone pressing the button or spinning the wheel too quickly, before the page is finished rendering,” Taylor said.

John Oldham, the Fort Bend County Elections Administrator, says the issue is older technology.

“The system is what it is. It was certified that way. It would have to go through recertification, which would take a year and a half to do,” Oldham stated.

In the meantime, there are questions about security, and whether or not the elections are secure after what Russia was accused of doing in 2016. Taylor says there should be no such questions.

“The only things connected to the internet are the voter registration database and the election returns,” Taylor explained. “Those all have multi-factor authentications. Only the person authorized to access that information can access it.”

Taylor also says other security improvements have been enacted since 2016.


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