PODCAST: Anger towards the media spreads

The mainstream media may have pushed the envelope too far when it comes to the way they cover President Trump. They may have pushed Trump supporters too far as well.

We've seen the result of that, with some members of the media facing down angry Trump supporters because of the coverage. Debbie Dooley with the Main Street Patriots says she's planning to push back against one particular outlet herself.

“We will be holding protests in Atlanta against CNN. They are an entertainment network for progressives. They cannot call themselves a news organization any longer,” Dooley told KTRH.

But what happens if the Republicans hold majorities in Congress after the midterms next week? Will the mainstream media keep up what they've been doing or will they switch their strategy?

“They could double down or take a step back. I think they will ratchet it up, and I think they will continue to what they are doing,” Dooley explained.

And that might continue all the way through the election in 2020.

Hannity Media Trump Return Fire

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